Hi there! My name is Sungmin (pronounced:  sung as in the past tense of sing followed by min like kin with an ‘m’). Most people call me Sung for short though. Technically, the pronunciation I gave is not the actual way Koreans pronounce my name. The particular way in which the syllables are inflected just doesn’t exist in English. You have to eat fermented kimchi for a 100 days to obtain the ability to say it correctly. Just kidding… but who knows? Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

In all seriousness, I’m a professional musician (guitarist/composer) based in Upstate New York. I teach guitar to college, pre-college and general community students at two excellent schools in the area; University at Buffalo (aka SUNY Buffalo) and the Eastman Community Music School in Rochester. I also teach at the Music & Arts store in Pittsford about two minutes away from my place (an excellent commute!). I’m currently finishing up my doctorate degree in guitar at the Eastman School and generally get to do some  pretty cool things now and then.

Music has been a very serious passion for many many years and I’m very fortunate (and thankful!) to be spending the majority of my time lost it in. I spend the rest of my time doing regular human things (e.g. sleeping) or consuming interesting culinary delectables and tasty beverages (COFFEE!!).

For more info, you can always check out my official website at sungguitar.com!